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We are a salvage yard-owned business with a network of more than 15,000 Junkyards and auto recyclers. We offer used and remanufactured Transmissions from major manufacturers like Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and more. Our goal is to save you money by providing you with the best quality used and remanufactured transmission at the lowest possible price.

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With an extensive network of more than 15000 Junkyards and auto recyclers, Buy Transmission strives to provide you with the high-quality transmission you need. Our goal is to keep your business goals in compliance while providing you with competitive pricing and shipping rates.

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Types of Transmissions We Sell

Manual Transmission

A manual transmission is a type of transmission that allows the driver to manually select the gear ratio. This is in contrast to an automatic transmission, which automatically selects the gear ratio based on the speed of the vehicle and the engine RPM. Manual transmissions are typically found in sports cars and performance vehicles, as they offer more control over the vehicle's performance. However, they can also be found in economy cars and trucks.

Manual Transmission
Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission

A vehicle having an automatic transmission—one that doesn't require the driver to manually change gears—is referred to as an automatic car. Transmissions, sometimes referred to as transmissions, assist in controlling a car's rotational force and speed. Automatic transmissions, therefore, change gear ratios as the vehicle travels. While manual transmission automobiles are more affordable and less complicated, automatic transmissions are more user-friendly and pleasant for the driver.

Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT)

A form of multi-speed automobile transmission system known as a dual-clutch transmission has two distinct clutches for odd and even gear sets. The layout sometimes resembles two independent manual gearboxes functioning together as a single unit, each having its own clutch housed in its own housing. Performance driving is ideal for Dual-Clutch Transmissions. The computers enable incredibly quick and straightforward gear changes. Many of the clunking or banging noises associated with manual gearboxes are eliminated by these seamless gear changes.

Dual Clutch Transmission
Sequential Manual Transmission

Sequential Manual Transmission

A Sequential Manual Transmission(SMT) is unsynchronized and enables the driver to pick the next or previous gear (for instance, going from first to second gear), using either electronic paddle shifters positioned behind the steering wheel or a manual shift lever. Sequential gearboxes are significantly more costly than normal transmissions, which is one of their main disadvantages. Sequential transmissions are not ideal for city driving since they tend to be clumsy at low speeds and don't let you skip gears.

Semi-Automatic Transmissions

You may choose between manual and automatic mode on a semi-automatic. You may either use a lever on the gearstick or utilize steering wheel paddles that enable you to shift up or down by merely pushing the "+" or "-" button, as opposed to utilizing the clutch pedal and changing gears with your foot. The promise of a Semi-Automatic gearbox is an improved driving experience and effortless gear shifting. You can complete this quickly and without much trouble.

Semi Automatic Transmission
CVT Transmission


An automated transmission that can smoothly switch between a continuous range of gear ratios is called a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Other transmissions, in comparison, only offer a certain number of gear ratios in predetermined increments. The CVT may alter the gear ratio endlessly to keep the engine operating as efficiently as possible, unlike conventional automatic transmissions. In general, the more gears a typical automatic gearbox has, the better it is at maximizing engine output.

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