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What is Automatic Transmission?

A vehicle having an automatic transmission—one that doesn't require the driver to manually change gears—is referred to as an automatic car. Transmissions, sometimes referred to as transmissions, assist in controlling a car's rotational force and speed. Automatic transmissions, therefore, change gear ratios as the vehicle travels. While manual transmission automobiles are more affordable and less complicated, automatic transmissions are more user-friendly and pleasant for the driver.

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Automatic Transmission


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Types of Automatic Transmissions:

Modern vehicles may now be found with a variety of automatic gearbox options. Here are various varieties of automatic transmissions:

Tiptronic Transmission: By requiring the driver to change gears while operating like an automated engine, these automatic gearboxes provide drivers the choice to exit the automatic mode to give them greater control over the performance of the car. Porsche invented the Tiptronic gearbox.

Dual-Clutch Transmission: A manual transmission and a dual-clutch transmission or direct-shift gearbox are quite similar. The distinction is that a dual-clutch has two clutches instead of one and is managed by the computer in the automobile. The odd gears are run by one clutch, and the even gears by the other.

A Semi-Automatic Transmission (SAT): Similar to a manual gearbox, a semi-automatic features a clutch, but the clutch is actuated by electrohydraulic means and makes use of sensors, pneumatics, processors, and actuators.

Torque Converter Automatic: The most common kind of automatic gearbox used in automobiles is this one. To take over control of the vehicle, the torque converter automatic gearbox uses either a hydraulic fluid connection or a torque converter that is coupled to the engine's electronic control unit.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): An "unlimited" number of gear ratios are possible with a CVT, which allows a vehicle to accelerate without interruption by gear changes. Instead of fixed gears, CVT utilizes a belt and pulleys of varying widths.

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C4 Ford Transmission for Sale

The most dependable automatic transmission Ford has ever made is the C4 Cruise-O-Matic. It is intended to be simple. In fact, it requires no special equipment and is so straightforward that you can disassemble it and rebuild it in your garage at home using the Ford Shop Manual. C4 is capable of handling 1000+ horsepower. Although you won't be traveling there, the transmission is excellent. All you should require is a factory rebuild with decent clutches, a bigger intermediate servo, and a shift reprogramming kit, as well as a torque converter that matches the engine's power characteristics.

At Buy Transmission, you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for with our vast selection of C4 Ford Transmissions from over 15, 000 salvage yards. We make sure to quality check each transmission before it’s ready for sale, so you know your purchase is reliable and long-lasting.

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