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R1 Transmission

Up until the end of 2005, the R1 was only offered with a single spec level with a 658 cc Subaru EN engine. Three variations of the engine are offered: the EN07U SOHC 34 kW (46 horsepower) I, the EN07D DOHC 40 kW (54 horsepower) R, and the EN07X supercharged and intercooled 47 kW (60 horsepower) STi (63 horsepower).

R1 Used Transmission For Sale

While it's true that locating a good quality used transmission is a difficult undertaking, it's also true that few individuals really take the time to do so. Fortunately, there are several locations to seek for a used transmission, like Buy Transmission. You may get a used R1 transmission in the finest possible condition here for a significant discount over what you would have to spend at the shop. You can have one delivered right to your home in a flash, depending on how much money you're ready to spend.

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R1 Rebuilt Transmission For Sale

You've come to the correct spot if you're seeking for a high-quality rebuilt transmission at a reasonable price. The appropriate gearbox for your car is available in a wide variety at Buy Transmission, where they also specialize in rebuilding transmissions. They also enjoy a solid reputation. They even have a competent customer service division. The greatest warranty in the business when purchasing an R1 rebuilt transmission.

R1 Remanufactured Transmission For Sale

If you want to replace your old, broken gearbox, remanufactured transmissions might be a fantastic option. You can trust that these components have undergone testing and rebuilding, giving them the same level of quality as brand-new transmissions. Additionally, they cost less. You should always get a transferable warranty, it's crucial to keep in mind. So, if you decide to purchase another car, you should be able to sell the transmission. The ability to test an R1 remanufactured transmission before purchase is a significant advantage.

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