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We offer great quality Remanufactured T45 Transmission at an affordable price. We have a huge inventory of transmissions so that you can find the perfect fit for your car. Our remanufactured transmissions are of the same make and model as your order and we offer a great warranty on most of them.

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T45 Transmission

The T45 five-speed transmission was introduced in the Ford Mustang in the 1996 model year and continued in production through the 2001 models. Tremec Transmissions Corp. in Mexico manufactures this transmission for Ford.

T45 Used Transmission For Sale

Borg Warner designed and produced the T45 five-speed manual gearbox for the Mustang and Mustang Cobra. The gearbox is mounted behind the 4.6L engine, and the Mustang and Cobra transmissions differ only in terms of the transmission mount/cross member and speedometer gears. The Cobra employs a 7 tooth gear while the Mustang T45 in the GT has an 8 tooth speedo gear. Buy Transmission is the place where you can find great quality used T45 Used transmissions at an affordable price, each transmission we sell is tested and inspected thoroughly to ensure safety and you can install it without any hassle.

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T45 Remanufactured Transmission For Sale

As a proud seller of reman T45 transmission, Buy Transmission is delighted to offer superb quality at competitive costs. Instead of having a rebuilt T45 gearbox, why not get a remanufactured Mustang T45 transmission? All the worn-out and damaged elements of a transmission are replaced during a rebuild, however, this causes wear to be distributed to other areas of the transmission, necessitating the replacement of another portion. Why not get a high-quality remanufactured transmission that has all the worn-out parts replaced instead of becoming caught in this never-ending spending cycle, providing you amazing strength and dependability for miles and miles?

Get back on the road right away by locating the best quality T45 reman transmission from Buy Transmission Contact us at +1 (972) 707-1116

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